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how it works

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  • Choose the design and options you would like for your piece.
  • Email me through the Contact page to give me the information. You will need to include your full mailing address.
  • I will send you a small vial in which to place the remains, along with instructions for mailing them to me. Ideally you should mail the cremains to me using USPS Priority Mail Express according to the postal service requirements on shipping cremains. However, I will accept shipments that you choose to mail any other way.


  • Before working with the remains of your loved one or a beloved pet, I honor their memory by smudging my studio with sage to cleanse the room and ready it for the sacred process. I feel blessed and humbled to be able to help family members find some measure of peace during the grieving process.

  • The ash in the finished piece will look like gray particles. You may also notice some small bubbles which add character to the piece.

  • Please remember that I create each piece individually and the colors and patterns may appear slightly different than they appear in the website photos. This is due to the effect of the heat on the glass.

Return Shipping

  • I will complete your piece in 3-4 weeks and ship it to you.

  • Note: You can choose to have me scatter any remaining ashes here locally or I can return them to you with your finished piece via USPS Priority Mail Express (additional charges will apply).